7:30 PM19:30

HCF 2018 Finale Night Showcase

Third Annual Harlem Comedy Festival Finale Night!

Featuring Improv, Stand Up, and Music!! 

Karolena Theresa
 ("The Handmaid's Tale" Musical Comedy) 

Julia Shiplett (HBO's "Crashing")

Short Term Memory (Short Form)-

Alex English (The Rundown with Robin Thede)

Those People Players (Long Form)-

Off Top- 10min (hip hop improv)

Sandro Rodriguez- (stand up)

Tait Winston- (Stand up)

Mommas Biscuits- (long form)

AJ Dunk-  (Stand up)

HCF 3 I Heart Stand Up Competition Finals

Jax Del Osso-



Gary from HR sketch team-

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6:00 PM18:00

HCF 2018 Fresh Kicks Showcase

Fresh Kicks Comedy is back and part of the Harlem Comedy Festival on 9/29! Come out to the dopest stand up show in my favorite sneaker store, Foot Gear NYC! This Month's Wicked Lineup is:

Jatty Robinson
Crystian F Ramirez
Erica Spera
Gabriel Pacheco
Gordon Baker-Bone
Dara Jemmott
Fumi Abe

Foot Gear NYC is offering 30% off the entire store (except new releases) during the show! Chill, laugh, and wear your freshest kicks!

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7:00 PM19:00

HCF 2018 Opening Night Stand Up Competition Round 1

New Neighbors are moving in and bring the opening round of the Harlem Comedy Festival Stand Up Competition. Final round winner gets $100! So come out and help a broke ass comic eat for a year!

Hosted By: Elsa Waithe 
Musical Performance by: Taylor Ortega 

Caleb Barge
Maggie Lalley
Pranav Behari
Kevin Mason
Jax Dell'Osso 

Eitan Levine
Dan Abraham

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3:00 PM15:00

HCF 2018 Opening Day Comedy Brunch

Brown Suga Comedy Show: Harlem Comedy Festival Edition!

The third annual Harlem Comedy Festival is here again Join us for our opening weekend brunch at the world famous Shrine Music House! 

Hosted By: Ishmael J. Gaynor

Kandyce August (Dc comedy festival) 
Ashton Womack headliner (Just for laughs)
Norlex Belma (Pbs)
Jamal Richardson
Drexton clemons (Lantern comedy club) 
Natia Simon 
Juan Carlos (Westchester comedy festival)

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